Providing premium lawn care services for more than 5 years, we are devoted to supplying our clients with a lawn care experience that is nothing short of perfection. We provide the highest-quality service by listening to our customers and delivering customized lawn care. Our landscaping technicians are constantly educated on the latest products and techniques, so you know you’re getting the most efficient service. The most important part of our business is our clients. We believe in keeping an open line of communication so that everyone is always on the same page.

We also provide lawn and grounds maintenance, on a contract basis, for strata and business/commercial properties Singapore. Grounds maintenance includes lawn mowing, aerating, fertilizing, lime and moss control, edging, hedge clipping, mulching, yard & leaf clean-up.

Rates are determined by lot size, services, equipment, manpower, and number of services required.


The mission of Landscaping Services Singapore is to provide the best quality lawn care service and landscaping with accurate diagnosis, relevant practices and great communication to its customers. Landscaping Services Singaporepromotes the ideals of efficient use of product to eliminate waste, the educational approach to teach its customers “why” and the business version of the Golden Rule in relations with customers, employees and suppliers


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  • Very nice guys with great prices,i was very happy with the services i would definitely not be going no where else for my landscaping services. Thank you!
    Alex Wong
  • They helped me remodel a patio and the swimming pool area. The result exceeded our expectations and I'd have no reservations in recommending his work to anyone.
    Betty Kong
  • By a combination of skill, ingenuity and initiative they even managed to multi-pave a large and ugly drain cover so that it blended perfectly into its surroundings. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to carry out their landscaping work.
    Alwin Wong
  • I am delighted with the final results of my new garden. The design is superb, the quality of materials and the workmanship were outstanding.
    Thomas Moh
  • Fantastic job, very pleased with both the finished product and the professionalism of your firm.
    Clement Wu
  • Many thanks for the fantastic job you made on the decking.
    Angie Ngu
  • Just to let you know the landscaping is looking excellent and the workmanship is second to none. We can't believe how it has turned out. Thanks again.
    Vyanne Ooi


In need of landscaping ideas?  Prepare to get your hands dirty, because we have great landscaping ideas for every section of your home. We can help you create a pleasant and cheerful ambience.

Below we will mention a few tips and tricks of the trade of good lawn care to better inform our readers:

  • Regular inspection– This goes without saying. A landscape has to be regularly inspected, preferably once a week to ensure that it maintains its elegance. Not doing so results in the grass growing out of proportion.
  • Pay Attention to the Season– Good lawn care is particularly important during the fall and spring seasons due to the significant drop in temperature and reduced sunlight. Be sure to keep your Sunday’s open.
  • Provide Sufficient Water– Without a doubt the most important component of proper lawn care after sunlight, always make sure that the landscape receives at least one to two inches of water every week. Do not rely on rain. Inspect the grass. If it’s wilting and leaves behind footprints, it’s time to water the lawn.
  • Add Sprinklers– Sprinklers work well with large landscapes, especially in dry weather and during hot summer months. They can cover more ground in less time and can be conveniently set to go off at any time of the day.
  • Use Fertilizers Thoroughly– If you want to see your landscape blooming with thick lush green grass, you should fertilize it at least three to four times a year. Purchasing the correct fertilizer for the type of grass is very important. Spread the fertilizer once it’s dried out and let the lawn absorb its nutrients through the irrigation system.
  • Avoid Fertilizer Burn– Fertilizing is good but avoid putting too much in one spot. It can result in fertilizer burn and will damage your lawn.
  • Cutting and Trimming– Cut the grass often to give it that blanket appearance. The height and fullness of the grass should be congruent with each other. Bag the grass clippings. Brown dead grass is not a pretty sight.
  • Year Round Effort–New Jersey usually gets its fair share of rain especially in the central region. However recent years indicate that the weather is getting dryer. Therefore in order have that beautiful green landscape, proper lawn care throughout the year is essential.


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